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Integrated Fleet Management System
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Integrated Fleet Management System

Our bespoke Integrated Fleet Management System (IFMS) is designed to integrate journey management with our fleet, giving real-time statistics to ensure that the fleet is accurately maintained, and driver load is spread out evenly over the team. This ensures that we effectively mitigate one of the biggest risks of our time, being motor vehicle incidents.

24/7 OPS room

At the heart of our Fleet Maintenance system lies our 24/7 control room, which effectively integrates journey management with fleet management. The 24/7 oversight ensures quick response to any emergency that might arise.

Fleet rental options

Through our business connections and business acumen, we are able to provide a huge variety of vehicles to all our clients’ needs. Some samples are:

SUVs – Toyota Land Cruisers, Chevrolet Suburbans.

LDVs – Toyota Hilux and Ford F-150, Chevrolet Savannah

Minibuses and busses, ambulances

We also specialize in supplying a variety of armoured vehicles:

SUV’s / LDV / Busses

Roadside Assistance

Our 24/7 Control Centre is at the forefront of our very effective roadside assistance service through our well-trained maintenance team, backed up by our top-notch security support teams.