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SLS’s security and Life Support solutions include mobile and static security, protective intelligence support, journey management, airport transfers, residency facilitation, threat assessments, local community engagement facilitation, and a host of secondary supporting services.

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Fleet Management

SLS is a market leader in offering comprehensive Vehicle Fleet Management services in Kurdistan, tailored to clients’ specific requirements.

Vehicle fleets represents a companies’ greatest tangible asset and significant attendant HSE risk, and therefore it is imperative to manage it in a manner that ensures optimized productivity, business and operational continuity and risk reduction.

SLS has over the past year expanded and entrenched its ability and capacity to render the following Fleet management services:

  • Procurement and importation of “Special Purpose” armored vehicles, customized to customer specifications
  • Provision of vehicles either on a rental- or outright purchased basis
  • Provision of In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) telematics to track vehicle movements in real time and manage driver safety behavior
  • Provision of “total solution” packages to include maintenance services, fuel supply, registrations and insurance coverage of vehicle fleets
  • Facilitating legal and regulatory compliance in procurement, importation, registration, licensing and taxation of vehicle fleets
  • Provision of internationally certified drivers
  • Training in defensive driving techniques of existing fleet drivers.

SLS’s preferred manufacturer utilizes exclusive armoring materials ballistically certified by independent laboratories. SLS offers a range of protection levels from “B4” to “B7” based on the European CEN 1522 / 23 and 1063 standards, and will also provide protection according to other ballistic standards such as NATO STANAG, US NIJ, Russian GHOST or any specific standard required by the customer.

SLS is able to supply references on request from several satisfied European Military customers that are currently involved in Coalition support operations in Iraq.


Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) faces multiple security and socio-economic challenges, primarily of a geo-political nature, which impacts economic prosperity and sustainability.

As a consequence, many International Aid agencies, Developmental NGO’s, Media operate in the KRI to alleviate the plight of the vulnerable and to develop and implement plans and strategies for relief and reconstruction efforts.

It is incumbent upon these organizations to exercise their “Duty of care and Diligence”, in ensuring the safety and security of their deployed personnel in an often hostile and fast evolving security environment.

SLS offers an awareness and preparedness training package that equips such personnel with the requisite knowledge and skillsets to become “street smart”, empowering them to execute their tasks with the necessary confidence in safety, achieving program objectives and deliverables.

SLS offers bespoke training modules, tailor made to clients’ specific needs, mission profile and attendant risk profile and appetite.

Our instructors have in excess of 25 years’ hands on experience in the Kurdistan region, serving a diverse portfolio of clients.

Our Basic portfolio of modules includes the following:

  • Country Context Analysis
  • Cultural awareness
  • Significant Risk identification
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Skills Development – Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTP’s)
  • Familiarization and recognition of weapons and explosives
  • Journey Management
  • Target hardening – physical and psychological
  • Enemy Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s)
  • Basic Life support and trauma care
  • Crisis Management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Practical scenarios and simulations

Our basic package is presented at our Erbil Headquarters or at a suitable client venue over 2 days

period Enhanced packages, dependent on client requirements, are also available.

Costing is dependent on preferred package, and includes all training facilities and refreshments.


Client Facilitation Support

SLS enables clients’ programmatic needs by offering a comprehensive array of administrative-, logistical- and life support services to include meet and greet, airport transfers, visa facilitation, accommodation and transportation arrangements, meeting venue facilitation etc.


Risk Management

SLS conducts Site Surveys and Risk Assessments prior to mission launch to establish “ground truth” and to assure site integrity for clients’ subsequent visits. Periodic re-assessments are conducted as part of our Quality Assurance program. Our service is focused on, but not limited to, political-, socio-economic-, safety- and security risks, which has been identified as the significant risks impacting the region presently. Our goal is to enable our clients make confident, informed risk management decisions based on timely, relevant and actionable reporting.


Crisis and Evacuation Planning

SLS has the capacity to facilitate secure personnel evacuations over land, in the event of airport closures. Continuity of safe and secure journeys into Turkey for onward travel to the nearest airport is guaranteed.


Information Management

  • Protective Intelligence capabilities that is foundational to our security operations and activities. A vast network of reliable security sources built up over many years, provides intelligence information that enables SLS to design and implement missions where clients’ residual risk remains within tolerable risk parameters. SLS also subscribes to a third party Information Management System (IMS) that provides real time incident alerts and subsequent tracking and analysis.
  • Situational Awareness – SLS is able to render comprehensive security orientation briefs to new clients as well as Issue-based or periodic security briefs that instils situational awareness and a level of preparedness commensurate with their respective risk profile. Our service is focused on, but not limited to, political-, socio-economic- and security risks, which has been identified as the significant risks impacting the region presently. Our goal is to help our clients make confident, informed risk management decisions based on timely and actionable reporting.

Journey Management

SLS offers mobile security services to include armed or unarmed convoy escort teams, executive personnel transfers and logistics movements. These missions are undertaken by our fleet of vehicles that subscribes to the highest land transportation standards. Our SUV’s are fully equipped with multi-platform communication, tracking and navigation capabilities, and is linked to our Operations Centre that functions on a 24/7/365 basis.


Static Guard Force

SLS offers a vetted, well trained and equipped static guard force for purposes of client facilities protection.