Ethical Conduct

SLS recognizes the potential adverse impacts our activities and operations may have on our internal- and external stakeholders. As a consequence, we rigorously pursue programs and management systems that aspires to safeguard the Safety, Security, Health and Welfare of our employees, as well as all interested and affected parties. The achievement of the “Triple Bottom Line” in ethical management and leadership, is the minimum standard that we aspire to, in pursuit of service excellence to our clients, commitment to staff empowerment and stewardship of our natural environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SLS seeks to empower the Kurdish people by means of employment, social upliftment initiatives and introducing a culture of institutional learning and subsequent personal- and professional advancement opportunities within SLS. We adhere to the Kurdish Regional Government’s (KRG) guidelines and vision for Kurdish content which is: “The quantum of composite value added to, or created in, the Kurdish economy through a deliberate utilization of human and material resources and services, so as to stimulate the development of indigenous companies, and encourage foreign investment and participation, without compromising Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality or Security standards. The vision of the KRG in local content development is to transform industries by developing in country capacity and indigenous capabilities of high international standard resulting in a significant value uplift in the Kurdish economy, and creating the economic engine for national growth, driving employment and GDP growth, leading to improved linkage amongst diverse industries, in the Kurdish Regional economy, and ultimately positioning the Kurdish Region as a hub for excellence in service delivery.”

Compliance and Conformance

SLS is totally committed to Compliance and Conformance to international-, national- and regional regulatory dictates. SLS is fully compliant with all requisite legislation and regulations within the ambit of our specific areas of operation. Where no express national or regional regulations exist, SLS adopts and prescribes to the tenets and prescripts of internationally accepted global standards. These include but are not limited to:

  • The UN Global Compact – The 10 Principles governing Human Rights, Labor, the natural environment and anti-corruption.
  • International Code of Conduct for Security Service Providers (ICoCA)
  • International Labor Organization (ILO) Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Guidelines – 2001

Global Best Practice

SLS continually interrogates their external operating environment, seeking out opportunities for innovation and continual improvement by applying cutting edge global best practice in all technologies and methodologies we utilize.

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